Each spa ritual is designed to create a truly personal spa experience. Ancient traditions, therapeutic disciplines and Western practices are linked together to nurture and re-balance the body, mind and soul. All experiences begin with a bathing ritual, to purify both mind and body while renewing the spirit and preparing you for the revitalizing treatments to come. Restore inner balance with these life-embracing Rituals, also ideal for sharing with a loved one in our couple’s ritual room.

Cinzia Signature Ritual   $230 per person - 100 minutes

(Bathing Ritual, Repairing Foot Treatment with Reflexology, Lava Shell Massage)


The scent of Orange Blossom fills your suite, while you sip on a glass of wine and drift away in a Signature Myrtle Bath.  A repairing foot treatment will boost circulation, revitalize and purify your soles preparing you for reflexology therapy to eliminate stress and reset the body's homeostasis. Lay back and relax as trails of heat flow deep within your body, chasing the last bit of tension from your muscles with our Lava Shell Massage.

Aloha Hawaiian Ritual   $230 per person - 100 minutes

(Bathing Ritual, Pineapple Body Facial, Lomi Lomi Massage)


A unique healing experience inspired by early Polynesian settlers and transformed by generations of Hawaiian families.  This treatment is profoundly healing & nurturing incorporating skills that will restore balance and harmony to your mind and body.  This distinctive island experience incorporates a pineapple body facial to exfoliate and polish, preparing your skin for a luxurious application of hydrating body butter.  Once the body and mind are prepared, the traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage begins. The massage is a unity of ancient and modern techniques embracing the concept of taurumi, meaning "health in the hands."

Fijian Ritual  $230 per person - 100 minutes

(Bathing Ritual, Coconut Cream Body Glow, Full Body and Fijian Scalp Massage)


For centuries South Pacific and Fiji Islanders have used pure coconut oil to nourish, moisturize and beautify.  This Ritual begins with a bath of pure coconut milk from Fiji.  Then experience a deep pore exfoliation using a coconut cream scrub which hydrates, soothes, and relaxes your body and mind as you drift on an ocean of calm. A visit to our Signature Experience Steam Shower is followed by a Full Body and Fijian Scalp massage, which will leave you in a state of island bliss.

Passage to India   $230 per person - 100 minutes

(Bathing Ritual, Herbal Body Scrub with Body Mask , Full Body Massage with Shirodhara)


Inspired by the ancient healing of Ayurvedic practices and especially designed to increase circulation, detoxify and restore peace and vitality, this Ritual begins with an Herbal Body Scrub along with a Mask to accelerate the elimination of toxins improving the body’s metabolism.  Rinse off in our Steam Shower and receive a Full Body massage followed by Shirodhara, a stream of warm oil dripping lightly onto the “third eye,” the root of the nervous system for Ayurvedic medicine, which quiets the mind and soothes the senses.  This Journey is designed to keep your body and the dosha in balance while promoting mental and physical well being and overall health.


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