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The Best Body Renewal After Workout Treat

Whether you’re into sports or love to workout on a regular basis, your skin fights off elements and toxins as much as the rest of your body does.

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body renewal treatments in Myrtle Beach Sure, a shower or bath after your workout can help you de-stress and refresh. But you need a handful of products to help you really get the most out of any at-home experience.

There is one treatment, though, that can really help your body, mind, and muscles de-stress, and that’s a body scrub.

Our Blissful Body Renewal treatment in Myrtle Beach treatment is designed not only to achieve supple and smooth skin, but it also exfoliates and cleanses your skin while the gentle massaging motion helps to relax those hard-worked muscles.

What else can a Body Renewal treatment do for sportsmen and women along with everyday gym-goers? Here are just a few benefits.

Relax, Renew, Refresh

Treating yourself to a Blissful Body Renewal treatment, especially when combined with a body scrub and massage, offers all sorts of relaxation properties.

An invigorating body scrub allows you to incur all the benefits with none of the mess. Add to that a choice of essential oils, and the effects are even more noticeable. We use essential oils that are known for their relaxing properties, not just for your body but for your mind and senses, too.

Increase Your Circulation

A professional spa body scrub treatment works to encourage your body’s natural flow of fluids and circulation. With an appropriate body scrub for your skin and body’s needs, along with an invigorating massage, increased circulation will help your muscles to heal and relax quicker. The result isn’t just faster recovery, but better performance, too.

Bye-Bye Aging and Cellulite

There are those body scrubs that can improve the appearance of dimpled cellulite skin and the signs of aging. While there’s no miracle cure for aging, our Body Renewal treatment boosts blood flow to encourage not only cell renewal and collagen production, but also smoother skin from head to toe.

The Ultimate Moisturizer

As someone who loves to work out regularly, you already know the effects sweat has on your skin.

Sweat traps pollutants and dirt on the skin’s surface. Left to fester, this can increase your chances of free-radical damage and early signs of aging.

Sweat is also a breeding ground for bacteria. P.acnes, especially, are the bacteria responsible for breakouts, and they thrive in a moist, sweaty environment. While it’s not your sweat that contains the bacteria, is does create an appealing canvas for it.

What’s more, sweat can aggravate dryness and eczema. Lingering sweat after a session leads to dehydration, and dry, itchy skin. If you’re an eczema sufferer, you probably find that patches of eczema are worse after a workout.

The good news is that a body scrub combined with essential oils clears up clogged pores, sloughs off dead skin, and helps your body to better absorb moisture. The end result is hydrated, soft, and glowing skin.

Body scrub spa treatment Myrtle Beach

Welcome Home to a Renewed Body in Myrtle Beach

Our body scrub is designed to nourish the senses and the muscles. It’s the perfect self-care treatment right here in Myrtle Beach. A combination of sandalwood, damascene rose otto, and jasmine oils work with your senses to help calm your nervous system and invigorate stressed skin cells, so you walk away calm and glowing.

With regular treatments and daily use of sunscreen when you’re working outside, you can keep your skin clean, fresh, and shining, while your muscles enjoy faster recovery and better performance.

Welcome home to renewal. Welcome home to a first-class workout. Book your Blissful Body Renewal treatment with the experienced Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach team today