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Infrared Saunas – The Perfect Detoxing Experience

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Infrared Sauna Treatment in Myrtle Beach We hear all about sweating and that it’s good for you. After all, it’s the body's most natural and safest way to heal and stay healthy, which is why infrared saunas are an effective way to promote a natural, deep, and detoxifying sweat. Detoxifying is one of the many important benefits of an infrared sauna. Detoxifying strengthens your immune system and ensures your body’s biochemical processes function optimally so you can digest nutrients in the food you eat. It’s also helpful with a range of ailments and deficiencies.

Infrared Saunas for Health and Well-Being

An infrared sauna treatment in Myrtle Beach is a fast and effective way to welcome yourself back to a state of health and happiness. While sauna therapy has been around for centuries, infrared saunas go a little further by heating your core body temperature to a cellular level, which is where most toxins are stored. Infrared provides a penetrating heat that works to stimulate your metabolism, triggering the release of toxins as you sweat, and also through your kidneys and liver. Think about the last time you were sick. Ever noticed how your body goes into a fever? That’s because a hotter temperature increases metabolic activity, stimulating toxin release and killing off viruses and germs. An infrared sauna session recreates that fever-like response, releasing toxins and helping you feel better both inside and out.

Bye Bye Toxins

Your immune system faces an array of toxins all the time. Environmental pollution, pesticides, genetically modified organisms, toxic metals, and even plastics all combined with poor dietary choices make for a build-up of toxins that weaken your immune system. Regular infrared sauna therapy can give your body the boost it needs to rid itself of toxins through sweating. Sweat is known to speed up detoxification and lower those levels of nasty toxins in your body.

The Ultimate Detox – Making the Most of Your Sauna Time

Now that you understand the incredible benefits of infrared sauna detoxification, it’s worth knowing how to make the most of your time in the sauna to get the best results. 1.##### Stay Hydrated Whenever you plan for a session in the sauna, increase your water intake. Infrared sauna detoxification is extremely gentle on the body, but you’re still going to sweat more than you would in a regular sauna. That’s why it’s important to drink loads of water before, after, and even during your detoxification session. 2.#####Consider Time Limits How long you spend in the sauna to detox will vary depending on your tolerance levels. It’s a good idea to start with about 10 to 15-minute sessions on alternating days to accustom your body to the heat. You can gradually increase your time up to 40-minute sessions at the optimal temperature. As with any type of therapy, especially when detoxing, listen to your body. If you start to feel fatigued, nauseous, or like you have the flu during your session, discontinue use and avoid excessive detoxifying. 3.##### Find the Right Temperature for You You can climb into the infrared sauna once it reaches 100 degrees. While the optimal detoxication experience happens between 100- and 130-degrees Fahrenheit, it will all depend on your tolerance for the heat and how much you sweat. For the ultimate detox, you could start your session at a high intensity to boost your core temperature and then reduce the temperature to a more comfortable level. 4.##### Don’t Forget to Rinse After your sauna session, dry yourself off with a towel and let your body cool off naturally as it continues to burn calories. Have a glass of cool water to replenish hydration and enjoy the benefits of your detoxification experience. Book your infrared sauna sessions at Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach today.