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How Men Are Combating The Early Signs of Aging

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Men’s treatments for fighting the early signs of aging in Myrtle Beach None of us want to age. Men, however, tend to look older than they are because they may neglect their skin or fail to take measures to combat early signs of aging. But there is hope. In fact, more and more men are following a skincare routine to keep their skin looking firmer and fresher, keeping signs of aging at bay in Myrtle Beach.

A Commitment to the Basics

The most important step is to devise an anti-aging routine and stick to it. This includes using a face wash designed for men’s skin and using a men’s moisturizer daily. Not only will this keep the skin clear and look refreshed, but it can also help reduce lines.

Anti-Aging Cream Every Night

A great way men are combating early signs of aging is by making use of nightly anti-aging creams designed especially for men. These products pack tons of natural ingredients and are lightweight, so you won’t wake up with an oily face and clogged pores. A nightly cream works with your body’s natural restoration process to plump up your skin and slow down aging.

For long-lasting results, a regular gentlemen’s facial that includes exfoliation and skin-appropriate products can leave you feeling invigorated and your skin looking refreshed and revitalized.

Treat Under-Eye Issues

The skin around your eyes is one of the first areas to show signs of aging. It’s one of the first places on your face people notice, too. Men’s night cream may be used first thing in the morning or just before bed to help firm undereye skin, reduce dark circles, and help you look well-rested.

A man’s eye cream should be super light and unnoticeable. Ideally, choose a product that contains caffeine to stimulate the blood flow around your eyes and reduce puffy bags and panda-like circles.

Live a Healthy Life

Lifestyle plays a big part in how quickly we age, or show signs of aging, and nothing makes you look older sooner than a lifestyle of poor food choices, sedentary activities, and lack of sleep. Science tells us that an unhealthy lifestyle wreaks havoc on your body and skin. While staying up until the early hours scarfing down chicken wings and swigging alcohol may sound like fun, just remember it adds years to your appearance.

Besides eating healthily, getting exercise, and aiming for a quality sleep routine, a specialized massage is a great way to improve your mobility and flexibility, while melting away knots and worries to leave you feeling like a spring chicken.

Stay Out of the Sun

Even if you already lead an active lifestyle, how much time do you spend outdoors? Perhaps you’re an avid golfer, a cyclist, a runner or just like taking walks with the family. It’s all great for staying young. But no matter how much SPF you’re slathering on your skin, the sun will still find a way to damage your skin. It’s not because the SPF isn’t working, it’s because you need to reapply sunblock every 30 minutes to build up a barrier. What’s more, you need to cover every exposed inch of skin to avoid permanent damage, dry skin, and the early onset of lines, wrinkles, and sunspots.

No longer is it a woman’s chore to look after their skin and keep their age a secret, more men are finding ways to combat early signs of aging so that they, too, look and feel younger, fresher, and more revitalized in Myrtle Beach.

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