The Best Myrtle Beach Spa Treatments for a Girl’s Weekend

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Girl’s weekend spa treatments in Myrtle Beach Whether you’re retreating for a well-deserved detox with your favorite girls, looking for spiritual centeredness or just want to ease away life’s tensions as you catch up, a girl’s weekend is the perfect solution. From full-on spa days to a few treatments every day, you can cater to your most indulgent needs, leaving all of you feeling calm and blissful after a weekend of pampering.

Here are the best Myrtle Beach spa treatments for yourself and the girls on your next weekend trip.

Start In the Sauna

Infrared saunas make for the perfect start to your weekend in Myrtle Beach. They help you relax and detoxify, getting your body ready for the pampering sessions ahead. Infrared light can penetrate deep within your body to heat it up. The infrared waves create a deep heating action, encouraging you to sweat out toxins and waste materials. Our infrared sauna in Myrtle Beach is completely safe for all skin types, which means you won’t have to worry about burning or spending the rest of the weekend blistered and peeling. It’s also the perfect way to end a weekend of good food and great wine.

Feel Fabulous with a Facial in Myrtle Beach

A girl’s weekend away is nothing without a facial to help eliminate signs of aging and daily worries. Our Cinzia Signature Facial is tailored to address any concerns or issues you have. With the help of quality ingredients, we’ll massage your hands, arms, and feet with anti-aging products and organic shea butter to lock in moisture. Peptides and flower essences are used to restore and heal your tired skin and the treatment session ends off with a sip of happy juice to uplift your mind and soul and leave you feeling relaxed.

Opening Your Eyes

Eyes are an area we often forget about. An eye indulgence treatment on your weekend away is the perfect way to stimulate the tender skin around your eyes, while a hydrating mask works to reduce dark circles and relieve tension. You want to feel radiant on your trip to the beach, and an eye treatment will leave you both looking and feeling it.

Renew Your Body and Restore Your Bliss

A Blissful Body Renewal treatment in Myrtle Beach is the perfect solution to renewing your body and restoring your sense of bliss. You and your girls work hard and play hard, so you should relax hard, too. The body scrub comprises essential oils like sandalwood and rose otto to help settle the senses and revive them, leaving you glowing both inside and outside.

Every Girl Deserves a Massage

You don’t always get the time for a relaxing massage, yet the benefits are abundant. So, your girl’s trip is the perfect time to lie down, relax and let warm Himalayan Salt Stones ground and balance your meridians and central nervous system. The stones soothe away tension and stress while balancing your body, mind, and soul. It’s a wonderful way to start the weekend as you leave the session feeling refreshed and revived.

Hands and Feet Deserve a Treat

Finally, don’t forget your hands and feet. You want your beach weekend to leave you feeling pampered and rejuvenated from head to toe, after all. A classic manicure and pedicure in Myrtle Beach will help ease away tension and seal in moisture, while your nails are treated to the cleanup they’ve been waiting for, all topped off with your preferred polish color.

When is the last time you gathered the girls together for a weekend of bonding, unwinding, and total relaxation? With the right treatments, you can ensure you all head back to a new week feeling and looking rested and refreshed.

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