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    Island Escape

    (Bathing Ritual, Coconut Cream Body Glow, Full Body and Fijian Scalp Massage)

    This Cinzpa Spa classic ritual has been beloved by our guests year after year. Formerly known as the “Fijian Ritual” it’s truly your escape back home to yourself, and a lush, exotic inner garden that awaits. Tropical aromas and pure coconut nourish, hydrate and beautify. This Ritual begins with a bath of pure coconut milk. Then experience a deep pore exfoliation using a coconut cream scrub which hydrates, soothes, and relaxes your body and mind as you drift on an ocean of calm. A visit to our Signature Experience Steam Shower is followed by a Full Body and Fijian Scalp massage, which will leave you in a state of island bliss.

    • $230 | 100 min

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    Soul Immersion: A ritual of homecoming

    This signature service connects is all about self-care and self-love. From the moment you begin and the very first inhale, you will be invited back home, to your body, and as you exhale, to release the tensions and stresses of everyday. Just for a while, give yourself permission to feel that “just be being here, you are enough.”

    Your ritual begins with a guided breathing exercise with your therapist to guide you gently into your body. A Blissful Body Renewal Scrub with pure essential oils of damascena rose otto, jasmine and sandalwood follows to nourish both your physical and emotional wellbeing. Time in our Signature steam shower is followed full body Rejuvenating Back Therapy to restore and nurture your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems lift away tension, negativity is dissolved, and the body is brought back to a state of balance.

    • $230 | 100 min.

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    Awakening to the Life that’s Right Here – A ritual of rediscovery

    This service beings with pulling an Oracle Card with your Light Worked and sharing why this card is the perfect card for you today. Pick a book from our soul-inspired library or listen to a guided meditation in a 30-minute session in our Himalayan Salt Suite. After your session, you will be guided into one of our Ritual Suites for an invigorating and detoxifying full body scrub again using the ionising properties of Himalayan Salt Crystals. This body renewal cleanses and strengthens the bio-energy fields leaving mind, body and spirits uplifted. Your service concludes with a 70-Minute Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. Hand carved warm salt stones gently soothe away an accumulation of stress and tension while bringing the body and spirit into balance.

    • $290 | 165 min

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    The Ultimate Zen

    Flower Essences, Peptides and Organic Shea Butter star in this “ultimate” relaxation ritual. Your journey begins a bespoke “aroma-ritual” so your entire service is done in your favorite aroma. Unwind in a soothing Epsom salt and arnica hydro-tub soak followed by a full body sugar, salt, and shea butter scrub to gently buff, deeply hydrate and unveil your glow. Warm shea butter is melted and painted in long strokes onto the body, infusing the skin with Vitamin E and smoothing, firming paracress extract. Your body is wrapped in these amazing organic and bio-dymanic ingredients while you receive a soothing hot oil scalp massage. A full body 50-Minute Massage to integrate, relieve tension, and address specific problem areas concludes your experience awakening the deepest parts of the mind, for a Zen state of relaxation and wellness.

    • $290 | 170 min

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