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The Need for Self-Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are well aware we’re living in strange times, and with that comes all sorts of inner conflict, anxiety, and doubt.

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care for yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic in Myrtle Beach COVID-19 pandemic may be here for a while, and staying away from friends and family, or even meeting for a coffee or a manicure is well and truly missed. We feel out of sorts, vulnerable, and less than human at times.
Self-care post-quarantine may sound whimsical, but it it’s more important than ever that you indulge in you when you’re ready. How? Below we give you our top tips for self-care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Switch Off Tech and Get Back In Touch

At the moment, it seems like our days are a blur of Zoom meetings, WhatsApp messages, and online parties. They’ve even coined terms like “Zoom fatigue.” We’re spending every moment we can online to conduct business and keep in touch.

As soon as your quarantine is over, switch off the technology, and get back in touch with your fellow humans. Better yet, get your besties together for a pampering spa day in Myrtle Beach and catch up, in person, as you let those lockdown worries melt away.

Get Your Skin Glowing Again

When last did you spend time in the sunshine? Did your beauty regimen fall by the wayside when the lockdown hit? As soon as you’re ready, make sure you get your skin back to optimal health.

Perhaps you’ve been ditching the makeup, not bothered with a monthly mask, or you’re suffering from dry, dull indoor skin. Post-quarantine, treat yourself to nourishing facial spa treatment in Myrtle Beach to get your skin back in shape. A Triple Berry Brightening Facial, for example, is the perfect way to rejuvenate lockdown skin. The exotic mix of Australian berries pack a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant punch, leaving your face brighter, moisturized, and ready to show off to the world.

A Luminous Hydrating Peel will help to exfoliate and hydrate for a beautiful glowing complexion that will have you looking and feeling like you’ve been on vacation and not stuck indoors for months.

Welcome Back to Body and Mind

You’re probably feeling emotionally frazzled with all the pandemic stress, and there is no doubt your body is feeling it. You can start practicing self-care right now with nutritious foods and quality sleep. When you’re ready, head to Cinzia Spa for the body treatments you deserve to welcome yourself back to relaxation, peace, and happiness.

Our Blissful Body Renewal treatment starts with a body scrub for emotional and physical wellbeing. The pure essential oils work together with your senses to settle the nerves and revive stressed cells. The result is not just glowing skin from head to toe, but a sense of sheer bliss.

We’re All In This Together

Self-care is vital for your health and happiness. This year, we’ve had to eliminate human contact, readjust our wellness strategies, and deal with all sorts of emotional vulnerability. But after COVID-19 quarantine, it is important that you take time out for you. Reconnect with the ones you love and indulge in spa treatments that help you melt away pandemic stress and leave you feeling and looking calmer, happier, and a lot more content.

We’re all in this together, and at Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach, we have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure our premises are adequately safe and sanitized for your wellbeing.

Say goodbye to anxiety and lockdown and welcome yourself back to tranquility, health, and contentment.

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