Erase the Signs of Aging Due to Stress

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Myrtle Beach spa anti-aging treatments We live in stressful times. You can feel it, but worst of all, you can see it when you look in the mirror. Fortunately, you can turn stress.back the clock and reverse early onset aging, especially when they’re related to.

What Stress Does to Your Skin

Have you ever wondered how much stress actually affects the skin’s aging process? Maybe you’ve even pondered whether or not there’s a biological connection between stress and aging. Over the years, studies have managed to draw a clear connection between the two. The result is somewhat of a vicious cycle. When you’re stressed, your skin suffers. In turn, this stresses you out even more. Add aging to the mix and you’re left with a sagging, wrinkled face dotted with dark spots and circles staring back at you in the mirror.
It sounds like a slippery slope, on the positive side, identifying the signs of stress on your skin and addressing them can help erase signs of aging.

Common Signs Your Skin is Aging from Stress

Besides aging skin, stress also affects certain characteristics. Here are some of the most common telltale signs of stressed-out skin:

  • Bags under your eyes – usually when you’re stressed, your quality of sleep suffers. When you lose sleep, fluid starts to build up under your eyes. That’s why you look tired and puffy. Good quality sleep can help you correct this, but ongoing stress can lead to permanent puffy, dark under eyes.
  • Dark circles – you’ve probably experienced the “panda” look at some point. When the body is stressed, the capillaries under the eyes break, leaving those dark, depressing circles. As the stress eases, your body has a chance to heal. But long-term stress can result in permanent dark circles.
  • Acne – while stress doesn’t cause acne directly, it can aggravate sensitive skin. Studies show that people tend to flare-up during trying times. That’s because stress causes your skin to produce more oils via stress hormones. These oils clog your hair follicles, leading to breakouts.
  • Wrinkles – when stress and worry leave you fixated on problems, you’ll find your brow constantly furrowed, your mouth pursed, and your entire face scrunched up in concern. Left too long, these stress lines can become a permanent feature.
  • The good news is that, just like there are many ways to gain control of your stress and kick it to the curb, you can erase those early signs of aging.
  1. Renew Your Body with Himalayan Salt Crystals Let your worries melt away and say welcome home to yourself as Himalayan Salt Crystals are gently massaged into your skin, exfoliating toxins and easing away tension. The ionizing properties of the salts work to strengthen and cleanse your energy levels, leaving you feeling uplifted, relaxed, and refreshed.
  2. Reprogram Your Skin with Face Therapy Of course, your facial muscles need to relax, while you want to smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles. Facial therapy sessions in our Myrtle beach spa use some of the most unique ingredients in the world to protect and heal your skin from early signs of aging. With the help of Frankincense and three different types of natural gold, your skin is cleansed and healed through various massage techniques. Sonic wave therapy and hyaluronic acid are used to boost collagen and reduce inflammation. The result? Rejuvenated, relaxed facial skin that looks and feels as relaxed as you do.
  3. Scrub Away the Worry Our Blissful Body Renewal treatment in Myrtle Beach uses aromatic body scrubs to nourish your skin and soothe your soul. Pure essential oils work together to settle your nerves and revive those stressed-out cells. It’s the perfect way to bring back the glow to your skin and your inner harmony. Say goodbye to stress aging and hello to a refreshed and renewed you.

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