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5 Benefits of Regular Prenatal Massage

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prenatal massage in Myrtle Beach If you’ve ever had a professional massage in Myrtle Beach, you know just how good both body and mind feel after. It’s the same for prenatal massage, which can feel incredible when extra weight brings changes in posture and new aches. How Safe is Prenatal Massage?

If you’ve confirmed that your pregnancy is low risk, there shouldn’t be any issues. But if you’ve expe-rienced signs of premature labor or hypertension, it’s better to speak to your doctor first.

It’s essential that you go to a qualified prenatal massage therapist in Myrtle Beach who can deal with your body’s specific needs. This always includes a thorough understanding of the correct positioning during your treatment to keep you and your bundle of joy safe. It’s also important that your therapist keeps an eye out for any potential clots or varicose veins.

A prenatal massage is completely safe after your first trimester. So, if you’re expecting, here are 5 reasons to book regular massages in Myrtle Beach during your pregnancy.

1. Reduce Swelling

When your hands, feet, and legs swell during pregnancy, it’s usually the result of increased pressure on blood vessels and reduced circulation. Regular massages can help stimulate the soft tissue, re-ducing swelling and eliminating extra fluid.

2. A Healthier Pregnancy

Regular prenatal massages encourage a healthier pregnancy and easier delivery. That’s because you reduce stress and keep your muscles relaxed and toned.

3. Improved Sleep

As your pregnancy progresses, so good quality sleep declines. Prenatal massages are designed to release feel-good hormones and relax your nervous system, leaving you relaxed and better able to get the sleep you need.

4. A Natural Pain Reliever

Having massages during pregnancy is a safe, natural way for pain relief. This is a good thing since you’re limited in terms of what medication you can safely use during pregnancy. The relaxation and increased blood flow to your tissues significantly alleviates many of pregnancy’s common discomforts.

5. Reconnect Mind and Body

Research shows that massage reduces stress hormones, loosening your muscles. It increases blood flow and keeps your lymphatic system working optimally, flushing out toxins. As a result, massage reconnects body and mind, something you’re sure to find comforting while you’re carrying a baby.

What to Expect During Your Massage

Our Mommy-To-Be massage is the perfect treat after your first trimester. It’s a full body massage that’s done as you lie on your side, and is designed to alleviate common pregnancy ailments, ease tension and reduce fluid retention. The deep breathing is a beautiful way to connect you and your baby, as the blend of vitamin E and organic shea butter helps to moisturize dry skin. When you arrive for your prenatal massage, you can expect a calm and tranquil environment. You’ll be treated to 50 minutes of gentle massage strokes as you ease into a state of relaxation.

Massages Don’t Have to Stop After Birth

You don’t need to give up your massage treats after giving birth. Postpartum massage can help re-store your body to the way it was before pregnancy. It also helps with the stress of looking after your newborn, encouraging a speedy recovery, better quality sleep, and relief of sore muscles.

Abdominal massage, especially, helps to shrink the uterus and relieve scar tissue. If you’ve been re-ceiving prenatal massages regularly, you can start enjoying massages as early as 24 hours after giv-ing birth, provided you have the all-clear from your medical team.

Whether you’re expecting your first baby or you’re growing your family, regular prenatal massage in Myrtle Beach can encourage a healthier pregnancy with fewer stretch marks, better sleep, and easier labor.

Book your Mommy-to-Be massage at Cinzia Spa in Myrtle Beach today.